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Superintendent: Arden Ward

Friday at 12:30 pm

The Catron County Horse Show is an Open and Catron County 4-H All Breed Horse Show (entry fee required). Riders are not required to be members of any organization to exhibit, unless entering 4-H division at which time exhibitors must be enrolled in Catron County 4-H. Horses do not need to be registered. ALL classes will be conducted and judged according to the rules printed in the 2016 AQHA Handbook (the handbook is available online at

There will be no refunds from scratches, except in the case of injury to horse and rider.

Points/Awards & Premiums

There will be Hi-Point awards in each age group in both 4-H and Open Divisions. Hi-Point awards are based on a "One Rider-One Horse" accumulation of points from both the performance and speed event classes. Halter classes as well as those classes that combine multiple age categories (i.e. Reining) will not count towards All Around Points.

  • Ribbons will be awarded through 6th Place in all classes . Trophies will also be awarded for grand champion Stallion, Mare, and Gelding.
  • All Around winners will receive an award. In the event of a tie, the person with the higher number of 1st places, 2nd places, etc. will be awarded the prize.


Premiums will be paid to the top 50% of 4-H Youth classes only

(In the event of a tie, the judge’s decision will be the tie breaker.)

1Place $10.00 2Place $9.00 3Place $8.00

4Place $7.00 5 Place $6.00 6 Place 5.00

Entry Requirements

All entries must be made using the 2019 Catron County Horse Show Entry Forms & signed by the appropriate persons. Exhibitors under 18 years of age must have entry forms signed by a parent or guardian. Age of horse and rider are their ages as of January 1st of the current year.

Arden Ward

P.O. Box 755

Reserve, NM 87830


All contestants must register with the Show Secretary upon arrival to obtain show packet and any additional information.

Other Rules and Regulations

  1. Dress Code will follow AQHA Rules ( the following was taken directly out of the AQHA Handbook), any questions or exceptions will be answered or approved by the superintendent.


  • SHW320.1 In halter, speed events, team penning and other western classes, appropriate western attire is required which includes pants (slacks, trousers, jeans, etc.) long sleeves and collar (band, standup, tuxedo, etc.) western hat and cowboy boots. Special exception because of religious reasons or physical handicap must be requested by filing a written request to AQHA and obtaining written approval prior to participation. It is optional that an exhibitor may wear a hard hat with harness in all classes. The hat must be on the rider's head when the exhibitor enters the arena. Spurs and chaps are optional.
  • SHW320.3 In all English classes, riders should wear hunt coats of traditional colors such as navy, dark green, grey, black or brown. Maroon and red are improper. Breeches are to be of traditional shades of buff, khaki, canary, light grey, or rust (or jodhpurs), with high English boots or paddock (jodhpur) boots of black or brown. Black, navy blue or brown hard hat (with harness for youth in any over fence classes) is mandatory. A tie or choker is required. Gloves, spurs of the un-roweled type that are blunt, round or that include a smooth rolling rubber ball and no longer than one inch and crops and bats are optional. Hair must be neat and contained (as in net or braid). Judges must penalize contestants who do not conform.
  • SHW320.5 Judges, at their discretion, may authorize adjustments to attire due to weather-related conditions.

2. Stallions may not be shown by anyone less than 18 years of age.

Please contact the superintendent if there are any questions or concerns.

RELEASE: We/I have read and understand the rules and regulations associated with the Catron County Horse Show and hereby agree to abide by the rules of the Catron County Fair & Horse Show Committee and do hereby release the Catron County Fair Association and any of their representatives from all responsibility for personal injury and/or property damage in connection with the Horse Show.

Horse Show Exhibitor

Horse Show Exhibitor

Horse Show Exhibitor

Horse Show Exhibitor