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Saturday ----10:00 AM

Special Notice

All 4-H and FFA Members are requested to assist with the clean-up of the fair grounds. Leaders and Superintendents will supervise.

The Catron County Fair Association is not responsible for private treaty animals. (Animals sold privately that were not in the sale) Exhibitor will be responsible for all non-sale animals.


1.        Entry Fee: $5.00 for all classes except Rabbit & Poultry $2.00.

2.        To be eligible to win showmanship in any species a person must have animals of that species entered in the Junior Division.

3.        Showmanship classes will be held after that species shows.

4.        Winners will be announced after the showmanship class.

5.        Exhibitors will be judged on their showmanship skills and abilities for the species they have entered into the livestock show.

6.        Junior Showmanship: Ages 9-13

7.        Senior Showmanship: Ages 14 and above

8.        Each Junior & Senior winner in the following divisions will receive a belt pin. Market Beef, Market Swine, Market Lamb, Market Goat, 4-H Horse Showmanship, 4-H Rabbit and 4-H Poultry Showmanship.


1st Place $15.00 2nd Place $10.00 3rd Place $5.00


AWARDS: Herdsman Belt Pins will be given to both Junior & Senior Exhibitors in each species of livestock, poultry, and rabbits. Senior Ages 14-19 Junior Ages 9-13. Ages are based on age prior to September 1 of the current year. Awards will be announced during the Livestock Auction on Saturday of the Fair.

Areas to be considered:

1.        Attitude (determined by Superintendent)

2.        Sportsmanship (determined by Superintendent)

3.        Neatness of pen area (determined by Superintendent)

4.        Mandatory Livestock test containing 10 questions on particular species administered immediately following exhibitor meeting.

Methods of Scoring:

Outstanding individuals will be selected by the following point system with 10 points being the highest possible number of points.

1.        Neatness of pen area will be determined by fair officials. Pens will be judged twice on Friday and once on Saturday. 1-10 points

2.        Livestock test will be developed by Vocational Ag Instructors and the County Agent to test the exhibitor’s knowledge of the species they are showing.