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Welcome to the on-line fair book! You may print your own copy of the book or any portion you may need. The next 3 pages are where you will find all the divisions. Entry tags will be available at check-in and superintendents will help you fill them out if you need help. If you want or need entry tags early you may pick them up at the Catron County Extension Office.


  1. Entries must be made Thursday from 1:00--6:00 PM (with the exception of cut flowers, see flowers section rules). Judging will begin Friday at 10:00 AM through 1:00 PM.
  2. All entries will be checked out by the Division Superintendent on Saturday, after 4:00 PM. NO EXCEPTIONS! Any Exhibits removed before 4:00 PM will forfeit ribbons and premiums, and must be approved by Superintendent!. ALL ITEMS MUST BE PICKED UP BY OWNER OR PARENT. NO ITEMS ARE TO BE GIVEN AWAY IN THE EXHIBIT HALL. IF YOU WANT TO DONATE ITEMS PLEASE DO IT OUTSIDE. If items are not picked up by 6:00 PM, Check at the Catron County Extension Office after Monday for unclaimed non-perishable items.
  3. Articles that have received premiums at any previous fair will not be accepted for competition, but may be accepted for exhibit only.
  4. All residence of Catron County are welcome to enter articles for the sweepstakes points. However only one (1) article in each class will count towards sweepstakes.
  5. Exhibitors interested in competing for the Sweepstakes must inform each Division Superintendent during check in.
  6. Entries will be classified by the exhibitor. The entry book and entry tags will reflect this classification, and will be judged accordingly.
  7. Canned Goods must have been canned after August 30, 2020.
  8. Handwork and art work must be the exclusive work of the exhibitor and must have been made within the last two years.
  9. Division Superintendents will not be responsible for articles not picked up by exhibitor.
  10. Ribbons will be awarded through three (3) places only.
  11. Judges will determine Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion and rosettes will be given in each DIVISION.
  12. Awarding of the Sweepstakes Banner will be based on the total BLUE ribbon points.
  13. The Sweepstakes Banner and $100.00 will be awarded to the individual with the most BLUE ribbon points. The contestant must have entered in at least five (5) or more divisions (ie: Division 1: Clothing, Division III Food preparation, Division IX Horticulture, Division II Needlework, Division VI Crafts, etc.) to be eligible for the Sweepstakes. You must have at least one (1) Blue Ribbon in each of five (5) or more Divisions. You may enter one (1) entry in as many classes in a Division as you wish. ONLY BLUE RIBBONS WILL BE COUNTED!


  1. Rules 1 through 13 from the General Rules apply
  2. Youth Division is defined as exhibitors 19 years old or younger.
  3. $100.00 and the Junior Sweepstakes Banner will be awarded to the exhibitor in the Youth Division (excluding 4-H entries) with the most Blue ribbon points, see rule 13 in general rules.